ROXIWALL products
Engineered pre-finished concrete decorative panels
  • To create or add to any existing wall an elegant and contemporary décor with mineral textures.
  • To create pieces of furniture with unlimited possibilities.

Quick and easy to use and install, ROXIWALL™ opens new usage for concrete design. ROXIWALL™ is light and resistant, making it ideal not only for vertical walls and ceilings, but also for bathroom and kitchen countertops and other high-use surfaces. ROXIWALL™ panels have some slight flexibility which allow them to be used on slightly curved surfaces.

A ROXIWALL™ panel consists of two parts

  • a support/backing of low-density pressboard that has been treated to achieve the highest possible fireproof rating,
  • a top surface of specially formulated concrete.

The concrete cures on the backing for up to 21 days, depending on the finish, and is then sanded to the desired texture.
The backing is low-density, making the panels lightweight for use on walls or to create furniture pieces.
Once the concrete has cured, the panels are manufactured as 4×9.8-foot sheets, ¾-inch (21 mm) thick. They are factory-treated with a UV-protective polymer coating to prevent fading.

ROXIWALL™ is available in the following colors, tints and textures …