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ROXIPAN™, a full range for floors, walls and decoration

ROXIFLOOR products
7 textures to create an extensive variety of floor patterns…
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ROXIWALL products
10 colors, tints and textures…

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ROXIFLEX products
LIMITLESS DESIGN ! The 1st light, robust,and flexible concrete….
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Each of the three product categories in the ROXIPAN™ line, ROXIFLOOR™, ROXIWALL™ and ROXIFLEX™ share a modernist and high design approach with an unexpected ease of use. From commercial buildings to private residences, ROXIPAN™ allows architects and designers to think outside the traditional concrete box.

For ROXIFLOOR™ and ROXIWALL™, a thin 3-millimeter veneer of specially formulated concrete adheres to a panel of semi-rigid backing material. The panel can then be installed onto a subfloor, or screwed to a stud wall or a joist ceiling or any flat surface as easily as sheet rock can. It requires no special tools and no specialized knowledge. It’s a new tool for architects and designers who are waiting for the next infusion into the modern aesthetic.
As for ROXIFLEX™, it is an almost unimaginable product: light and flexible concrete that can be bent around columns, table edges, and even incorporated into never-before-seen furniture. Imagine graceful, modern lightweight concrete furniture – and then know that it is already a reality.

ROXIPAN™ offers everything you like about concrete design for any interior space, but without the challenges of working with traditional cement. It has the attractive mineral essence of concrete – because it is concrete – but with a perfect finish. And it’s simple to use.

With ROXIPAN™, there is no pouring, no drying, no waiting, no dust and no unpredictable results. It doesn’t expand or contract. It’s light and dry, pre-finished and ready to use. It comes in a variety of textures, colors and finishes, its fire-resistance raing is M1 (the highest), and it lasts, protected by a ten-year warranty. ROXIPAN™ can be installed with glue, screws, nails or as tongue-and-groove. It can even be floated for fast, temporary jobs such as a trade show floor or even a fashion runway. That’s what designer Stella McCartney did for a recent show in Paris. ROXIPAN™ was also used in the extravagant Formula 1 race car simulator IWAY in Lyon, France, in the Hotel 1835 While Palm Hotel in Cannes, and at the elegant Ligne Roset Furniture showroom in Paris.

Everything in ROXIPAN™ is recyclable, and the product has received Blue Angel eco-label designation “Blue Angel” designation, one of Europe’s protocols for environmentally friendly products.