ROXIFLOOR products
Engineered pre-finished concrete Floor Panels

To design and create elegant and contemporary flooring with unlimited patterns, durable, resistant, quick and easy to install.

ROXIFLOOR™ can be laid down to produce a variety of patterns, from a traditional to stunning herringbone.

ROXIFLOOR™ panels come in different surface textures and are available in the following colors and tints. Whichever you choose, ROXIPAN™ allows you to walk the line between tradition and ultra-modern in a way that was never before possible.

A ROXIFLOOR™ panel consists of two parts :

  • support/backing of high-density pressboard treated to achieve the highest possible fireproof rating,
  • a top surface of specially formulated concrete.

The concrete cures on the backing for up to 21 days, and is then sanded or finished to the desired texture.
The panels, which are manufactured as 4×8-foot sheets and ½-inch thick, are factory-cut to any requested dimension, making it possible to create an extensive variety of floor patterns.
Tongue-and-groove edges are added.
The planks are factory-treated with a UV-protective coating to prevent fading and discoloration.