Marbled Graphite Gray 9 & 10

Marbled Graphite Gray 9/10 - concrete floor ROXIFLOOR
ROXIFLOOR - concrete floor panels

Marbled Graphite Gray 9 & 10 features :

 2.25 lbs/sqft


 8′ x 4′

A beautiful, pure dark gray, ROXIFLOOR™ Marbled Graphite Gray has a slightly “worked” texture, with a relatively fine grain and smooth “feel.”

The numbers 9 and 10 indicate the thickness of the panel: 9 or 10 mm, or both.

The ROXIFLOOR™ Marbled Graphite Gray concrete panels, which are manufactured as 4×8-foot sheets, are factory-cut to any requested dimension, making it possible to create an extensive variety of floor patterns. The panels can be set into place by gluing, nailing or screwing, and can also be floated for temporary installations.

ROXIFLOOR™ is 100 % compatible with radiant heating systems.


After installation, the floor is treated with an anti-stain polymer, waterproof wax oil, which completely seals the seams and the concrete to ensure long life, durability and stain resistance. For best results and depending on the traffic, Hard-Wax oil needs to be apply every 6 to 8 months.