Graphite Gray 21

Graphite Gray 21 - concrete wall ROXIWALL
ROXIWALL - concrete wall panels

Graphite Gray 21 features :

 3.68 lbs/sqft


 9′-8″ x 4′

A dark, rich, slightly more formal gray characterized by a somewhat earthier, grainier texture, but still with a very nice stone feeling.

ROXIWALL™ Graphite Gray concrete panels are 8 feet long by 4 feet and about 3/4-inch thick (21 mm). The backing is an 18mm veneer of moisture-resistant compressed particle board. The concrete veneer is 3mm thick. ROXIWALL™ is light and highly wear-resistant, making it ideal not only for vertical walls and ceilings, but also for kitchen and bathroom countertops and other high-use surfaces wear moisture goes with the territory.
ROXIWALL™ Graphite Gray panels are flexible to a degree and can be used on slightly curved surfaces. They are factory-treated with a UV-protective polymer coating to prevent fading and discoloration.