Edge finishing and repair kit, available in 3 colors:
– graphite gray,
– meteor gray,
– basalt black.
ROXIMENT™ is easy to prepare, the 2 components, a light grey powder and the activator, should be mixed at time of use.
The use of a touch-up kit or a filler to correct minor defects during installation can be expected and is considered normal procedure.
ROXIMENT™ - ROXIPAN™ accessory


  • Inside the canister are the activator and the powder.
  • Open the can.
  • Scoop the quantity of powder you need into a separate container (picture 1)
  • Shake the activator well before pouring.
  • Add the activator to the powder as needed, and stir the 2 components together until mix turns into a putty (pictures 2,3,4)
  • The mix should be used within the next 15 minutes at 68°F.