Concrete Hardwax-oil

This polymer provides the final finish by sealing the concrete and providing a waterproof barrier.
ROXIPAN™ Concrete Hardwax-oil is a natural treatment and protection for concrete. It contains vegetable oils and waxes of natural origin.
Very easy to use, colorless, the Hardwax-oil leaves a long lasting protection against stain, dust and creates a moisture barrier. Treated surfaces are soberly highlighted (natural waxed appearance) and require little care, even with high traffic.
Concrete Hardwax-oil - ROXIPAN™ accessory
For more information about the application, please look at the maintenance information (PDF).

2 coats of the Concrete Hardwax-oil are necessary at time of installation.

  • Shake or stir the can well to ensure oil blended for proper application.
  • Pour the Hardwax-oil into a squeeze bottle.
  • Buff it with a white Scotchbrite pad on a slow motion buffer.
  • Squirt a small amount of the oil along the floor.
  • Wait 6 to 8 hours for the second layer (maximum 48 hours).
  • Apply with the same process.

One liter of Concrete Hardwax-oil will cover approximately 25-30 m² or 270-330 square-feet of flooring when properly applied.