ROXIPAN – Line Béton

A Revolution in Concrete Design

Concrete has long been a favorite structural and decorative element among architects and designers. They
combine it with glass, wood and many other materials to create dramatic, sophisticated modern spaces. But as
dynamic as concrete is, those who know it best know that it comes with challenges.

So what if you could have the elegance of concrete without the challenges? That’s where ROXIPAN™
comes in.
ROXIPAN™ is an engineered prefinished concrete panel, pre-cut, super-light, installed in no time and ready to
be used immediately after installation.
ROXIPAN™ opens a new revolutionary era of concrete design that will forever change how you think about this
material and lead to a new level of creativity in concrete-inspired design.

History and Savoir-faire

LE CORBUSIER, just like Walter Gropius founder of the Bauhaus in 1919, connected design and manufacturing.
Their work and the Bauhaus school marked the beginning of the Modern movement, also called International
style. After 1945, the availability of new materials discovered during the war and new type of consumers opened
new design opportunities.
Located north of Lyon in France, VETISOL has thirty years of experience in every conceivable concrete
application, including bonding it to an array of problematic materials. The company has mastered concrete
industry techniques and wanted to extend to design and decoration.
The idea of what would become ROXIPAN™ was born ten years ago in France. A French designer’s wanted to
install a temporary concrete floor for a car manufacturer’s booth at a trade show. He began by pouring a thin
coat of cement onto a thin wood panel. Adhesion and durability were indeed problems, but the idea showed
promise so he looked for partners. He found one in the French building giant Vetisol.
Three years later, after intense mechanical and engineered testing and research, ROXIPAN™ was born as a
new line of dynamic concrete panels and planks that make instantaneous concrete enhancement a reality for
any indoor environment.